Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The woman and the man

When we think about gender the first thought is about the physical attributes.

But if we move beyond, we might get answers to several puzzling questions.

The masculine and feminine energy is beautifully depicted in the 'Ardhanarishwara', a form of Shiva and Shakti. We all have both the energies in all of us, but due to social conditioning we often let one dominate over the other, whereas the key is in balance. The biological body that the soul adorns has its purpose, but we need to move beyond and find the 'essence' to live a more complete life.

In the society, we have assigned feminine roles to women and masculine roles to men rather rigidly. The end result is both of them feel incomplete without the other. The rigidity and incompleteness is visible all around, starting from clothing to behavior.

Deep inside, being Masculine is about 'giving' and feminine is about 'receiving'. Masculine is 'doing' and feminine is 'being' and so on. Our desires or tasks will manifest only when both are in balance, otherwise we become dependent on others for completion.

The balance would mean discovering the 'mother' and the 'father' in ourselves. Life partners are our companions, they are not here to complete us. We are born complete. One needs to feel the completeness to manifest happiness and fulfillment in life.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Alternative Routes to Healing

These days, everywhere we see development is happening at a rapid pace which along with its advantages, brings its own package of complexities in the society. Perhaps this is the price the so-called 'development' seeks, because unknowingly almost everyone has erred where the meaning of development is concerned. They have taken it to mean success, material of course, involving staying ahead in the rat-race. As stated at the outset, this constant running to stay ahead in the rat race 'for development' has taken its toll and has contributed to creating severe complexities in the lives of individuals and the society as a whole. Most of us find the solution to these complexities by popping some pills, deferring the solution and moving on with our fast paced lives (so as to not be out of the rat-race), mostly ignoring the primary or even secondary warning signals of the imbalances in physical and mental health which later cause serious over-all health issues, physical, mental and emotional.

 Of late there has been a substantial recognition and growth in another way of looking at these every day issues, both physical and emotional, which is 'the alternative' route to healing. Most of the treatments of alternative healing involve getting closer to nature and being connected with the basic energy force of life itself. Some of these methods deal with energy healing, like Reiki, Pranic healing etc.,while others deal with psychosomatic causes and other emotional symptoms involving the techniques of counselling, hypnotherapy, past life regression etc.
Some of the other alternative therapies include aromatherapy, breath exercises (Pranayam), water therapy and, well, the list goes on...

The uniqueness of these therapies is that they are in harmony with natural living and thus are very effective  and the results are long lasting. They work in balance with the physical body, energy body, emotional  body and the thought body of the individual. These therapies, though slow and do not show immediate results, if practiced persistently and consistently, show tremendous improvement in the overall well being of an individual, resulting in a well-balanced personality.

Obtaining harmony and balance physically, emotionally and mentally is the primary aim of these therapies. An open mind, faith, willingness, patience and consistency are we need to attain the magical results. With these on our side we can make the most of these age old therapies which are now, once again, being revived for the purpose of serving mankind.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reflections from Clients

I would request my clients to share their magical experience with Hypnotherapy/Past life regression or Reiki healing and attunements here .

Please share only that information, which you think is suitable for you to share publicly.
Visitors can go through the comments below to read the feedback about the process.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


This is one of the most common statements I receive from my clients, generally after the awareness has set in. Self awareness comes as a very loud wake up call and the immediate response is filled with guilt, a feeling that reminds us that we have already wasted lot of time.We have reached the depths which seem to be much much larger than our capacity to overcome them. Overwhelmed by this guilt and fear, We decide to postpone the journey that was suggested through self awareness in the first place.We shut the door from where the disturbing 'Wake up call' was coming and continue on the path which we were on before any of this happened.

By doing this ,we miss one more chance to change our life.

Therefore, Let's not allow guilt or fear to divert our path. Let's START now.Past was destined to happen, but now at the stage of awareness we have a choice..Choice to make a difference and bring the desired CHANGE.
Mind always has the tendency to favor the known,therefore one has to consciously motivate oneself to walk on the new unknown path of more conscious and aware Life, where we are responsible for every action that we take.We take the driver's seat of our own lives.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Beyond Time..

Often people ask me if past lives exist. Well yes I agree , because i have personally experienced them and I did benefit by healing the trauma for myself and many of my clients.

Here i would like to add one more perspective... may be we choose not to believe that past life exist but then any story or incident that flashing in the mind of the person in repeated dreams or during hypnosis sessions needs due consideration. These are the channels our sub concious communicates to us the issues which are of high importance and need healing and attention.

I had the oppurtunity to handle some cases which got solved after we did past life regression therapy.
Here are a few of them.
In one of the past life therapy sessions the client was able to heal the chronic backache by visiting and healing a past life of a doctor in Africa who died in an air crash, the impact was on the spinal cord. In yet another case the conflict between a mother and daughter was sorted after visiting a past life were they discovered the real cause of the conflict.Their roles had reversed in the present life. In yet another case the client was able to unearth the reason of his constant loss of fortune because he had misused money and was involved in land grabbing somewhere in Gujarat in pre independence era.

The above examples clearly state that our mind does hold the keys to all our problems. Even if we consider these stories as metaphors (though I have verified some of them personally) that the mind is providing, still they do carry the solution. Instead of negating past life as a concept, we must work upon the symbols that the mind is trying to communicate to us and heal our lives.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Real Family

Strong and effective family systems are essentially based on love and care, But somewhere, just like a stream starts out pure but gathers dirt and muck on its way downhill. Our family system too has gathered some rigid values.

These rigid values confine the human being to nothing more than a ROLE. Occasionally it also appears to be insensitive towards the individual. 
We brand and tag anyone who does not fit in to our desired social structure. Widows, childless couples, homosexuals, mediocre students.. the list is endless.

Most of us have been branded at some point in our lives, I fail to understand any construtive growth in these tagging systems. 

So what happens to our family system, what happens to our relationships in crisis?

When a child is born in a family or when a newly wed girl enters the house, we are enthralled, enthusiastic, positive and happy. 
en we discover something non conforming about the person, some unacceptable behaviour or some disease, where does our love our joy vanish ... ?
Its time that we come out of our roleplay and understand the real values of our beautiful culture which emphasises strong family ties, ensuring that no one feels LEFT OUT... no one sheds tears in loneliness... everyone has some shoulder to cry and lean on... and that too is just round the corner... within our FAMILY. 

Families being the basic unit of our society, healthy families pave the way for healthy society and loving human beings.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mirror Image

Every morning we look at ourselves in the mirror preoccupied with haste and hurry, with dozens of thoughts running in our heads.

We take a quick inventory of how we look, or rather "Are we ready" to present ourselves to the world full of people and challenges. 
Seldom do we realise the first love of our life at this little encounter... The relationship between our soul, mind and body,our first commitment, our first responsibility.

This is the relationship we come across everyday when we look at the mirror. Most often we are too busy to pay attention. We don't bother to and it is taken for granted.
This ignorance or indifference causes a void in our personality, which we then fill up with other's opinions or performances. We give them the power to judge,thereby shifting our locus of control outside of ourselves. 
Lets try something different and very simple next time, - This time when we look at our mirror image, try gazing passionately in to the eyes and Say "I LOVE YOU, I ACCEPT YOU AND I AM PROUD OF YOU".

One may become aware of lots of feelings stored deep inside for ages. Some of these feelings hold the key to our awareness and growth. As we slowly become aware and heal these issues, we feel the love of the creator glowing bright inside us, guiding us on our path.

Loving ourselves helps in loving others around us and thus creating peace and harmony.
The external environment, the world and the incidents remains the same but our perception transforms. We are now at peace with ourselves and with our situations.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Good and the Bad

We human beings on earth plane always live in duality, that is good and the bad. All the things around and inside us are classified in or in between these two categories.

If we go deeper in to this perspective, the truth that surfaces is that,God or universal energy being all encompassing and all powerful (being good) cannot permit bad to happen, then how does it happen?

According to metaphysical world the duality does not exist. We create good and bad here and often get consumed by it.We are very quick in judging others if they are doing bad (Creating anger,frustration,helplessness etc.).We are also carrying some memories of ourselves doing bad(creating guilt ,self-pity, anger on self etc.). In reality, good and bad both are just experiences or karmic results of some past events. Peace and happiness lies in experiencing life as it is and not judging and categorising others or ourselves. If you see injustice around  (on a large scale or small), don't start to live or feel it or even sympathise the victim. For that will only add to the immense negativity around.  Just trust the all powerful Universe/God/Nature for their beautiful balance. It will be taken care of. Always...

Monday, February 9, 2009


Why should we give space to our loved ones!

Love is a beautiful word, just by its mention,we start feeling better and we start associating with many people and situations we have deep connection with.When we say I Love You to someone,we surrender to the person in some way or the other.It remains beautiful till here, the problem starts when we expect the same surrender from the other person,now we start EXPECTING.

What is wrong with expectation?
Now we have given the power to the other person ,so he decides how we should feel.We become dependant and finally possessiveness, ego,sacrifice lot of other evils pop up, and the worst thing is that this is happening on both sides, in nearly equal proportions, so one day comes when we have only conflicts and no love left.

How much you love me has become synonymous with How much can you change for me.( Will you quit smoking after marriage?Will you stop working when we have this child?I have sacrificed all my happiness for you so you should marry the girl of my choice?)

We start compromising even while we feel terrible inside because we expect that our sacrifice would prompt the other person to change or deviate from his regular behaviour.And if we do not see the expected results, we get disappointed.sometimes people even go to the extent of.. "I have done this much for you, what have you done for me?"...well the person never asked you to do the sacrifice in the first place.. and even if he did, u always have the freedom to say No.
Expecting the other person to change or deviate from the normal behaviour is the root of all conflicts, starting from small fights to permanent separation.

So think again, why are you trying to change each other.We always have to remember one very important message, we as human beings do not have the right to override any one's free will, that goes to say, we cant change anyone not till the person volunteers for it. And when there is a real wish to change, smallest of things can change the person.
What is so difficult about accepting people as they are...lets give it a thought..imagine a beautiful relationship, where each one could be themselves,had rights to opinion,freedom to express, follow their heart, here in this relationship,immense love would flow.. there is no doubt .The reason is unconditional acceptance..unconditional love ...and nearly no expectation.
Again do not compare your relationship against any benchmark, nature did not make any.Just like you are unique.. your relationship and love for others is also unique.
Let us not go by the rules and regulations made by the society we live in because we are all different and there cannot be one rule which keeps all of us in consideration, make your own benchmarks and only for you.. not for the other person whom you love.

Love is to be free and set free ...

So fly high and enjoy this beautiful emotion in every relationship you share...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Who has the real control?

Feelings, whether good or bad, nearly decide how we react to a particular situation. Whether we blow a small situation out of proportion or we ignore a major setback.It all depends upon what we FEEL at a given time.

Its good to be a sensible human being and enjoy the feelings or deal with them.The problem starts when we hand over the control of our feelings to the outer world.For example an employee works not for himself but for promotion or other such acknowledgement from others or from the company.Things are OK even at this level but the employee really gets upset or depressed when he fails to get the acceptance or acknowledgement.This is where he goes wrong,he has given the control of his feelings to someone else.

This equation is so true for any given situation, we keep giving others the power to make us upset,make us angry,smaller or not worthy enough.The solution lies with the babies.Have you ever observed a new-born baby,the baby is extremely confident of his entire existence, proud of all his body parts, his emotions, he does not think twice before displaying his displeasure or happiness in the most raw form, as suggested by our civilized world.In other words, the baby thinks that he is perfect.Now think, we were all born like that "Perfect" and so is everything else in the nature, so were did we get our negative belief systems, rarely people think that they are perfect,that they are beautiful, even if some of us think, we are always comparing ourselves against benchmark set by others or by the society we live in.So here is the answer, we get our belief systems from the people and society we live in. Nature never made any benchmarks, according to her.. all her creations are beautiful and perfect.

Next time when you are faced with a situation which is not as per your expectations, think again, think that you are always perfect and beautiful part of what even if some other people don't acknowledge it.. take back your control from them. Judge yourself on your own benchmarks.Even if others do not recognise your work, approve it yourself with all your love, because its your work, it has your signature, your efforts.. and it has to be nice, perfect and beautiful like everything else in the nature.

There is great power in the simple confidence of a child - The Mother

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The light within

Take a look at the following questions:
What is making us run the Race?
Who are we competing with?
Who is appraising/rewarding us?
Who is answerable to me?
Who am I answerable to?
How do I make sure that I am being loved honestly?

Most of us don't have time to think about these questions, or some of us might find these questions too general to be answered. Still some others might come up with pages of answers to each of the questions. And some of us... we are just dumbstruck ,because we have never thought of it before.Lets take a moment and look at this picture from a broader prospective. As human beings, who are capable of creative thinking and free will unlike other beings on earth we have the freedom to create or to come out of all the above problems. Sounds strange but yes.. no one else sitting on earth or above is deciding our fate, its we ,who are responsible for the bliss or curse that we face, all that God (or whatever name we give to the universal energy) or nature does is to balance every energy equation in very fine way...if you look around in to the plant or the animal world, you will find that everything is in perfect harmony, the production of prey is always more than the predator and many more examples.
So what does this say about us?
The happiness would come naturally if we realise that we are responsible. Instead of becoming a part of the blame game, instead of looking for our happiness through others...lets introspect.Look inside for the divine being, every human is. Even the most fierce and violent human, has the light within him,he is still divine,though this divinity is covered in layers of worldly dirt.
Once we are aware of the light within us, we can also see it glowing bright in all others too.
We realise that, we all are a team, we all are an integral and inseparable part of this universe, which is always in perfect harmony...
There is no race, no insecurity,no enemies and no fears.
We are not answerable to anyone but ourselves.
No one is superior to the other so there is no body capable of judging us.

We continue to remain in beautiful musical harmony with ourselves and with others.And the journey starts from today so lets start introspecting and search for the divinity inside.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hypnosis & Past Life Regression

What we are thinking and believing today, is constantly deciding our future:
Thought, Emotion, Energy and Physical Body ,these 4 components in various phases of life have formed our Belief -System based on all the experiences in life so far....and this belief creates patterns confirming the same experience.Most of us often are victims to these patterns and we keep attracting similar experiences in our lives over and over again.
This also goes to say that we can change the patterns we experience by altering our thoughts and by re-programming or discarding our previously set belief system and patterns .
Through Hypnosis,we can eradicate negative-belief system by finding the root cause of action-reaction and alter it as we want it to be for us.
This root cause or belief could exist in the modern memory (current lifetime) of our subconcious mind or in the primitive memory (former lives) through age regression or past life regression respectively.