Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reflections from Clients

I would request my clients to share their magical experience with Hypnotherapy/Past life regression or Reiki healing and attunements here .

Please share only that information, which you think is suitable for you to share publicly.
Visitors can go through the comments below to read the feedback about the process.


  1. Words in English are not enough for me to describe how it feels when I am getting a counselling seesion or a Past Life regression done by Vishal. - Sai

  2. Hypnosis was like a journey for me.. a beautiful journey into the past.

    What i enjoyed the most is the approachability of Vishal to answer all my queries and doubts about this zara-hatke type of therapy..

    It was extremely gratifying to experience all the paranormal stuff like the white light, the higher energy.. the guardian angel..

    I underwent hypnosis more to satisfy my curiosity, but i cant deny how therapeutic it turned out to be! How wonderful it is to chance upon the information that the partner you have chosen in your present life was known to u in ur previous lives!! only made my bond stronger with my partner.. Now i am waiting to find out how i was related to the rest of my family..

    Hypnosis has also made me spiritually richer.. It has made life all the more easier and pleasurable as i 'expereinced' all the philosophies we hear related to dharma, karma, janma..destiny.. etc etc..

    Each day after i got hypnotised, a new question would arise in my mind.. sometimes doubting my expereince.. sometimes doubting the method.. sometimes doubting the logic.. sometimes doubting the philosophy behind the therapy.. But Vishal allayed all my apprehensions successfully..

    I am grateful to have had this experience in my life..

  3. past regression from vishal is like a happy and informative journey into your past............ you dont have to do anything......just relax and he takes you to your past to satisfy your queries so smoothly and gently that you think it was all waiting to unfold in front of you like a cinema..............simply words to describe it!!!!

  4. I met Vishal last month to address my depression and negativity. I have been to several psychiatrists for my chronic subclinical depression but of no avail.

    Finally I got the contact of Vishal through a friend of mine.
    Vishal's counselling is unique in that it touches one's mind and heart the very first time. Vishal explains with a spark in his eyes to replace our negativity with positive affirmations. He also asked me to read a few books.

    Within a few weeks good things started happenning to me. I was less depressed, I had more time for myself and I started socializing.

    My excessive sleep reduced drastically and I also have a new job offer in hand. I thank Vishal for showing me the right direction. Thank you Vishal for everything and looking forward to many more positive things in my life !

  5. After the hypnosis session I had with Vishal, I am so much at peace with myself. It has been a great awakening within me and have become so much more positive no matter how bad the situation is. It has wonderfully helped me to understand some of my relationships in a better way. Life looks so beautiful now.

    I know whom to look for when I need the most... and no guesses... it is Vishal :) He is always there with his kind words and guidance. He is a great counsellor too.

    Thanks a lot Vishal for everything and wish more and more people get the benefit of you in this world.

  6. Even though I never met Vishal I learned a lot from him just talking on phone. He is a mine of wisdom. Every time I talk to him I learn something new and feel enlightened. He cleared a lot of road blocks and corrected me on many aspects on my spiritual path.

    I feel delighted to have a friend like Vishal. Looking forward to meet him soon.

  7. 3 weeks ago I went to Vishal searching answers to my questions. Questions on my love life and my career. I am writing this now becoz the last 3 weeks has changed my life, the way I look at things and the way I see my life. The beauty of this past life regression lies in finding answers yourself. Vishal takes you to the places where the root of your worry lies, he helps in cleansing that and then brings you to present. Now you know where you went wrong and what you need to do to correct it. From that point starts the transformation, a transformation that transcends the realms of your sub conscious and conscious mind and you ultimately discover the purpose of your existence here, today, in this world.

    Thanks a lot vishal for making me realize the purpose of my life.

  8. Blessed is the person who has found his calling for this lifetime. I'm talking about Vishal here - all he needs to do now is have faith in himself and sustain on the path. Pretty cool!

    Even if you're just talking to Vishal, it's pretty refreshing and positive. He's very supportive and remarkably untouched by the negativity that surrounds the world today.

    If you haven't met him yet, it is a good idea to do so... :)

  9. its a such wonderful experince to find urself receptive to innerslef and a veryclose-cum-distant world....thanks vishal for enlightment.

  10. I was plagued with anxiety and fears when i met Vishal a few weeks ago. I was initially very skeptical of the techniques he had employed. But after a day I started noticing the change Those thoughts that disturbed and haunted me had vanished. I was feeling more like myself. further the pain that anxiety had induced was also relieved in 2 days.
    Though we differ in our perceptions on thoughts - my interpretation of his technique is as follows: all of us our thoughts have a certain shape and is embedded in our sub-conscious. His technique revolves around your viewing these thoughts and cleansing them. Its like applying different cleansing agents to affected parts of our body - sometimes we require talcum powder, sometimes dettol, sometimes soap or oil. He knows which one to use to sanitize the unwanted thoughts. I fully subscribe to his theory that thoughts make a man and every disturbance we have is due to our mind, inclusive of all physical ailments. Good luck Vishal and may you continue to alleviate the troubles of millions.

  11. Hi Vishal,

    I visited you and got rid of the 'being', 'spirit' 'energy' whatever name you may give it - that was bothering me particularly when I was doing my meditation.

    Well, I waited a bit before I could give you my message about my past-life regression experience as I was observing ALL the changes that have come about after it.

    Let me tell you, I feel like I have re-discovered myself - I am again coming into being the calm person I used to be - not perturbed or unduly worried about ill effects of the daily experiences I have, leave alone the hazards and uncertainties of the calamitous professional situation I am facing - employed with Satyam - I now possibly face the prospect of losing my job - and having to obviously scramble for another prospect. Yet, I am being able to calmly consider the situation without panic.

    I attribute this to the PLT session I have had - as since then I have been re discovering the person I used to be - take life as it comes.

    Thanks, Vishal. I believe I will meet you again to discard any remnants to get rid of the skin problem that has reduced by 70%.

  12. Guess what, there's so much more from the consequent sessions with Vishal - i was actually referred to my skin condition as an 'affliction' and 'leper's skin'...By allowing forgiveness, releasing unneeded energies and past life regression we addressed my skin condition in particular - now, my skin has actually improved considerably in the last fortnight and the discoloration is clearing.

    Thanks Vishal - the few tiny yet meaningful practices I learnt from you to help myself everyday, have revived the buoyant, spontaneous, good humored, never-say-die person I used to be - it's an inexpressible feeling - I feel 'renaissanced'.

    What I liked very much is the 'holistic' approach you took up addressing the matter at hand from multiple angles and clearing present.

    Your sessions have also re-instated my low 'self-esteem' which was a block for me.

    May you heal many, many more persons! Tathastu :)

  13. Hi , vishal is a gem of a person, nothing can just beat him, words are too less to express such a person woith full of knowledge into his study n spirituality he is way beyond all this!Hynosis took me to a beautiful feeling that what i was n what i did last life, everyone should experience that atleast once to know what u r and y r u connected-attached to a person so much...n u will get answer to all your queries!
    dont get afraid its a beauti ful journey that u will cherish always n if u dont then u know what to correct in ur current life!
    its awesome to get this done and especially from such a wonderful person like VISH, pure , soft hearted and highly spiritual!
    thanks a lot VISH, help n heal as many people as poosible!
    U r the best !

  14. Vishal is good at putting you at ease and taking you on your life's journey. He is calm and very effective. He puts things in right perspective and helps you to create more happier you. He is good healer and mothers blessings are always shining on him.

  15. First of all I must give him a bow as per my Japanese etiquettes :-).

    I was bit sceptical about PLR therapy before meeting Vishal. I had never expected that in the first meeting itself I will open my mind so easily. It is really difficult to express my experience in words. I am impressed by his soft spoken nature and positive attitude.
    He has helped me to change my attitude towards life and taught me so many positive things. A single thought of my deceased grand parents used to bring tears in my eyes but after meeting Vishal it just brings smile on my face.
    Though I still don't know the names of my little bird angels. I have surely met one of my real life angel and he is Vishal.

  16. Thank you all for writing these comments, these go a long way to erase misconceptions regarding hypnosis demystifying a great tool to handle emotions..

  17. My husband was in deep pain, difficulty and struggling to achieve his dreams.
    When we first met Vishal, our reaction was WHAT! This young man is he the therapist!, but once he started healing process we felt as if God has sent an “ANGEL” who took all our woe’s and showered all the blessing on us.
    Vishal though us to cultivate peace of mind and not to escape from life into protected quiescence, but to create power centre within us with driving force and energy for constructive personal and social living. He though us positive thinking not as a means to fame, riches or power but as the practical application of faith to overcome defeat and to accomplish worthwhile creative values of life.
    He turned our world around; we sincerely express our deep appreciation and gratitude for his never-failing support.

  18. Hello there every body. If there is someone human but in touch with the masters, physically touchable, but can communicate with energies of the universe and earthly yet divinely integrated with the heavens then its none other than vishal.

    i was so troubled by my brother's death and devastated because of my insecurities so much so that i used to make life miserable for my soul mate, buit after meeting vishal and attending just three sessions, i am new person. whats most important is that i am not suicidal any more. i tried to commit suicide at the age of 16 and have been having suicidal tendencies since then till i met vishal now. the intensity of my jealousy and insecurity has a very profound effect on my words and my behaviour. i become sarcastic, angry, very viscious with my words and hurt them the most who love me the most.

    after the first session, i became more close to my parents and my little son. also i lost a major part of my back ache cause vishal taught me EET.

    the second session took me to my past life and i understood my connections with my soul mate and recognized him in this life.

    the third session was the most miraculous one cause i understood the cause of my back ache which was from my immediate past life and also the root cause of my insecurity and jealousy.

    Vishal, god bless you and may you change more lives. more than being thankful for myself i am happy for my soul mate cause i shall trouble him less and our relation will grow and mature in love more and more.

  19. Hi, my meeting with vishal was a mere accident. he was a freind of a friend's friend. and we just happened to bump into each other over a dinner and out of some act of fate i landed in hyderabad and witnessed amazing paradigm shifts in me at the age of just 18. i am not much of a writer so i'll just keep it short. before the sessions i never connected with my mother, now we gel. i lost my father a few weeks back and i got over it in merely a couple of days cause i understand that we are all souls in different bodies and we come back over and over again in different time zones, different eras and sometimes even destined to live together in perhaps another incarnation. and lastly i found my soul mate of many incarnations.

  20. Hi Vishal,

    Words are not enough to express how wonderful things your therapy has done to me.
    I could discover myself and could learn how important and meaningful one's existense in this world can be.
    "your words work like a magical wand."
    A person without feeling is like half dead.
    Finally,iam glad that i could get back all my senses of feeling.
    I take immense pleasure in thanking you and your therapy.

  21. Its been a long delay in writing this, but might be the words were just waiting for a right time. Its a wonderful feeling knowing more about ourselves. Thanks to Vishal for the great journey I had during all my sessions with him. It is not just words I hear from his mouth , they all are divine messages which carry some thing deeply and time unfolds them whenever needed. Do when he says. This is what I feel.

  22. I went to Vishal to get some tips on how to handle my teenage son. In fact I was not even clear in my mind what was that I actually wanted. But thanks to Vishal, I found out a lot about me. He helped me to overcome my childhood fears and to get in touch with my own self. I was able to get rid of many negative emotions I was going through and rediscovered myself. I knew self love was important but I actually experienced it after Vishal led me through the sessions. Vishal, thank you so much for your time, patience and more importantly for your desire to help people. You are gifted. May you help and heal many, many people.

  23. Frankly speaking i was very sceptical about this whole hypnotherapy and reiki healing thing.But after i met vishal i had all my misconceptions and misinterpretations cleared.Now i found a new 'ME'.I have started loving myself.This was the root of most of my problems.I did discuss my problem with a few close ones but they were not able 2 give me as much clarity as vishal has.With jus an one-on-one session i was able to understand what my problem was.Now i fell much more Confident about myself and am able to find my long-lost happiness.
    i am very grateful to you.

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  25. Everyday I used to carry a bag to office and the security gaurd used to wonder , while checking, as to why I carry an empty bag for no purpose.But it never struck me.

    It was just not the bag but many baggage from my past life that I was carrying within myself and I knew for a fact that something was wrong.

    And then I met Vishal!
    Initially I didnt even know that he was a hypnotherapist but when I came to know I felt that our meeting was not a coincidence.

    And yes as everyone else says here -"It was life changing" - yes it was.

    The purpose of life has become clearer . Problems that appeared insurmountable ,now appear trivial.

    I have "now" set sail on this journey of life and yes Vishal I owe it to you :-)

    Nothing changed around me - it was I who changed and now I feel liberated, free to soar... to reach my destiny .. to become what I am meant to be.

    Can't thank you enough Vishal!

  26. I seriously did'nt believe in all these stuff,but after having my first session with Dr. Vishal I smoked less that day.

    And now after about 3 sessions I have quit smoking and I cant believe myself that I have quit smoking.

    I have seen wonders in the 3 sessions I had and I just can't believe myself that I have changed just in 3 days...!!!

    I had many problems before coming to Dr. Vishal and I used to cry day and night thinking about the problems I had but now even though same problems are still there in my life I am not regretting but trying to find a solution for the problems.

    That's what I have learn't that is being "Independent".

    I suggest every one who feels they are dependant and have serious addictions please do visit Dr. Vishal.

    I am his client and I know what I have experienced.

  27. Awesome realization about black magic after visiting doctor vishal.
    I was actually unwell for a few months as a result of failure & even survived a near fatal accident in the form of a current shock & later had visited a PLR therapist who took me thru the process but i realized i started having more questions & thats when i asked for a session with dr. vishal. In the beginning dr vishal started working with me in an extremely friendly manner & made me understand what i got myself into. Actually as my business was running bad, i visited a person who was an occult science operative & he would give me some leaves & herbs to swallow which i did willingly prior to the accident. I had become a puppet in the hands of this tantrik & it was only after i visited dr vishal did i realize how much i had harmed myself. Dr Vishal did not give me what i wanted but delivered what was needed & appropriate. I really appreciate his handling the situation & his wonderful worldly knowledge. Thanks to doc for such a wonderful interaction.

  28. I wasn’t a firm believer of therapies..hypnosis..etc..etc , but that was before I met vishal ……every session with him helped me clear all my misconceptions about people around me and also helped me cope with my agitations

  29. Iam Dr. Rajesh from hyderabad..I met vishal for my personal issues and i was surprised by his way of dealing of things...Though i entered his place with certain amount of doubt,everything worked out very well and within the first 15 minutes of the start of the session i felt very comfortable and all my doubts started to vanish....the 3 days were like a wonderful retreat to mind,body and soul...Vishal was really amazing ..He was very confident and immediately striked a note with me and i felt wonderful throughout the sessions...He understands you so well and he is very spontaneous also...He is definitely different in his approach and executing his simple yet powerful solutions..

    Immediately after the workshop i started to apply the techniques and slowly i started to see the results...the results were so good that i was very much surprised by the internal and external changes happening in my life...This is really amazing and i surely started to feel the miracles in my life...Its too good and very healing also...Thanks a lot Vishal...U are a gem of a person and an amazing healer.

  30. i,m dr srinivas a medical practitinor. ifelt lonely and fearful of many things. iapproaced dr vishal, his understanding and his analysis is good he made me realize many intersting aspects of mine. his PLT helped me to realize theroot cause of my problem. irecommend him to approach for your problems and get relief in ahealthy and enlighting way . thanks to vishal and hoping more in a journey of LIFE

  31. Hi,am shylaja from hyderabad...i came to know vishal through one of my friend and i had my own assumptions till i met and spoke to him,but once i met him,i felt very friendly and comfortable to discuss about all my personal issues.

    I underwent 3 days sessions from vishal,i went to him with lots of pain and problems with out solutions,but in a very short span of time vishal could understand my situation and provide solutions for all my problems.he had a answer for every question and he gave me confidence to handle my problems.By end of my first session,i could understand what my problem was? how to handle it? my thoughts and my way next was very clear to me.

    on my second session,he started healing me from inside and gave me small techniques to solve all my issues.By then i felt relaxed and had a very good clarity about every thing happening around me.I started applying the solutions in my life and slowly observing the changes in me and my family too.

    I am very thank ful to vishal,for all the help and i really appreciate his healing methods.Great work vishal:)

    January 2, 2010 7:55 AM

  32. Firstly I wud Thank vishal for helping me in realising and knowing myself.I came to know about hypnosis and vishal from one of my friend and it really helped me to get out of the trauma & mental pressure i was taking up.I discussed about the problem and i came to know my childhood ,my thoughts,fears were the things which had to be dusted off and which were all the time ruling and revolving around me.The sessions taken by vishal were meaningful and helpful and so simple.He guided me and the perspective of my life has changed the way I think ,my thought process and i learnt how to nurture and love myself is an ecstasy and experiencing it realy make me happy.The book he advised is amazing.The process of working on negative thoughts and affirmations is something i liked much.I took many drugs to come out of my problem which were futile but vishal's simple counselling helped me to identify and work on the real problem.It helped me to work on relationship with my parents accepting and loving them and realising their importance in my life.I learnt from vishals session how to assimilate & accept the changes in my life.I m happy i met vishal and his guidance was what hepled me to get myself to be happy again.

  33. Hi, I am Ravi from Hyderabad... I came to know Vishal through my Reiki master. I used to have a lot of negative thinking and frustration even after I did Reiki. I didn't know what was wrong with me as there was no control on my thoughts eventhough I had a lot of things going for me. Vishal, through his diagnosis made me realize that I was holding to lot of guilt for what I did as a child. Through his beautiful techniques he got rid of my guilt and now I feel very light and happy. Even when I get a negative thought, I just acknowledge it and drop it off. Life is so simple and beautiful now.
    I am also enjoying his affirmation techniques and looking forward to fulfilling my dreams.

    Thanks Vishal. You have been a great help.

  34. Hey there…I came to know about Vishal through one of my very sweet friends. Then something just told me to give it a shot because it was high time that I needed to diminish my pack of problems and make life seem more beautiful and worthwhile. And here today, I take this opportunity to thank this one person who has not only simplified life but directed me to have a completely brand new perception towards life and people.

    I wonder as to where I should begin from, because I’m absolutely clueless. The very first session that I had with this doc was amazing and actually led to a very sincere introspection. The subsequent sessions helped me releasing my past pains which were locked up safely inside me for a very long time until I met Vishal.

    I’d like to express my heartfelt appreciation to this one genuine, smart, forthright, witty doc for the uncomplicated and simple solutions which not only simplified my complexities but made some of them seem vague.

    On an ending note I’d like to say Thank You (though not enough…) for being there when I needed help for real and introducing to a very important person of my life - “I ”.

    I hope and pray that you prosper and your endeavors to reach out to many more like me, waiting for this magic.

  35. i was so damn curious about past life and its relation to the present life which took me to vishal, my experience with him was fantastic... after my past life therapy i came back home and googled it and to my surprise everything matched!!! The wonderful thing i liked about vishal is how easily he made me do everything... he boosted my confidence a thousand times more...
    A magnificent ordeal!!!

  36. I am thankful to Mr. Vishal for the assistance he provided to bring a positive reflection in my thinking. I am totally convinced with his words “Our thoughts creates our experiences”.
    It was a great insight given by him, when I was occupied with uncertainty and negativity in life.
    I must appreciate his way of counseling. He has been very cordial and friendly throughout the sessions.
    At first, though I was little reluctant to open up my personals, I felt comfortable and secured with his attitude, to discuss some of my secrets.
    After his complete counseling, now I slowly developed a belief that
    “The universal energy takes care of me always. And it brings me all the good I deserved.
    My life is good, but I know the universe has even greater good in store for me.”
    Many times I felt after the sessions that, Universe has presented me a guide (Mr.Vishal) before I completely broken-down.
    I realized the fact that, this universe has been taking care of me(like every one) from the very moment I born, even now and forever.
    I express my gratitude beyond words to Mr. Vishal for the assistance he provided to ignite my mind and brought a new positive outlook towards my life.
    I wish him all the success….
    Thank You.
    It’s me. I am unique, I am special and I am Nagendra

  37. Every discussion with Vishal has helped me clear some of my confusions and wrong beliefs. He has sincerely tried to help me find the right path for my spiritual growth. I am amazed by his clarity of thoughts.

  38. I called Vishal one fine day on my vacation to Hyderabad only to realise that he was about to go on a holiday very soon and that it was'nt possible to do any regression sessions !! I was bit disappointed !!. During the call I enquired if he could do some counselling on parenting ...and Vishal agreed for a 1 hr session. It was an interesting session and a big eye opener for me...I was completly relaxed after the session and now, I find it easy to give good upbringing to my little one without big friends, I would suggest that if you have any queries ,questions on parenting, Reach out to Vishal....And hey Vishal....hope u remember me !!....and hope u wud have time for regression session when i meet u next time round !!Prabhakar

  39. For me...I would say meeting Vishal was completely destined. I met him when I had to meet him, I guess my masters guided me to him. Although I had my PLR session earlier but then there was still something which was holding me back and hurting me constantly. Vishal immediately understood what it is. He has a very deep routed understanding of mind I would say conscious and sub-conscious both. His diagnosis is his biggest strength, he exactly knew what needs to be healed and immediately healed me in 3 sessions which some therapist refused to do that. What makes him more special is that he is a wonderful human...he genuinely wants to help you…...Vishal you brought my smile back to me...I actually felt like that glass...which if filled with love now....

    And the best bit is I found a friend in you.....You are my first friend in the list after many years....May the lord keep showering his blessings on you

  40. I was in depression and panic for past 10 long years and I’ve been trying to get out of this condition since the time and failing every attempt, finally I got the contact of Vishal through Google search. I was little hesitant to go on the first day as I thought it will be like a psychiatric clinic. To my surprise it was his resident cum counseling centre with peace prevailing from all the directions.

    Vishal's counseling is unique; it straightly effects into one’s mind and touches the heart. Vishal has a very simple, but much more effective process called affirmations to replace our negativity. After the hypnosis session I had with Vishal, I am so much at peace with myself. It has been a great awakening within me and has become so much more positive no matter how bad is the situation.

    Thanks a lot Vishal for everything and wish more and more people get benefited with you.

  41. I always wanted to learn Reiki, but i didnt think i was ready for it.But as luck would have it, Vishal said that I could join in at the last minute and my experience was truly amazing.
    Learning Reiki opened a spiritual side of me which was dormant within. It awakened my senses and my inner eye; and since my attunement, I have been more receptive to subtle changes and signs to which i had been blind or ignorant previously.
    It has given me a sense of direction and an ability to help more beings and to discover more of myself gradually.
    The revelations that I've had took me by surprise, but now I really am glad that I had them and I feel much stronger since and ready to face my problems head on.
    Learning Reiki has intrigued me and helps me see the world in a whole new light. It has piqued my interest to discover more about spirituality and philosophy.
    Looking forward to many more such energy laden sessions of Reiki :)

  42. One day there was this sudden urge in me to do something about my life. I had heard about past life regression and was wanting to go for one sometime but never ventured into it. But that day I was so restless that I had to do something. I was not at peace till I googled for past life regression sessions happening in Hyderabad, found the first name there and contacted him. That was none other than Vishal. A few soothing words from him and I knew I was in safe hands. From then on there was no turning back. I met Vishal, had around 3-4 sessions in the 10 days to follow and results started showing up in my life almost immediately.

    I underwent angel therapy, inner child healing and tarot reading in these sessions. Vishal had not planned a regression for me, but looked like I was destined for one. During these sessions I was able to let go of a lot of my pain and suffering, be more happier and livlier in life and have started to look forward to life than carrying through like a burden. Life also started looking up in my family. My second older brother got engaged to get married during the same time. We received the happy news of my eldest brother and sister in law expecting their first child. I got in touch with my soul mate and most important of all I got in touch with my gaurding angels. I also got to know my purpose of life and with great relief and pleasure I also got to know that I have already ventured onto my life path. And that I am being guided to that only. I still relish and cherish the moment when my angels were proding Vishal to do a tarot reading to assure me of some of the issues that were worrying me. It was a beautiful experience to know that I am loved and protected all the time. I am now looking forward to complete the remaining sessions with Vishal and learn Reiki under him. Bless you Vishal and thank you for being there. RM, Hyderabad

  43. An illuminating lampost- that is what Vishal has been to me, in my journey of spirituality. Me and a couple of my friends were initiated into reiki by him in July, and that was by far the most touching moment in my life!

    His techniques to connect to your inner self are simply awesome.
    - His words and good counsel make you think deeper about a situation,
    - His technique of hypnotherapy opens up a whole new dimension for you to contemplate on..
    - The Reiki that he harnesses and directs to you gives a very soothing relief.

    It is a blessing to be initiated into reiki by him. He uses all his techniques during the initiation. Me and my reiki mates practice together very often, and we never cease to feel the strong vibrations he made us experience on the first day.

    My perspective on certain notions that i have lived with has broadened. I feel more connected to my higher self now. Also, regular reiki practice in the method that he has guided us in, has increased my energy levels and happiness quotient.

    Many thanks to vishal, here i am, refreshed and revitalised, ready to take the world in my stride! :)

  44. Learning Reiki under Vishal was an eye-opener for me. I am a skeptic who does not trust energy healing easily. In fact, I had undergone Reiki Level I training long back but left the practise after a few weeks because I was not convinced about its healing powers. But with the two day workshop with Vishal my beliefs took a complete 360 degree turn! With wonderful intuitive powers, Vishal helped me make the crossing from being a non-believer to a believer smoothly. Especially surprising was the fact that during attunement, both I and Vishal had the same visions about my past and it helped bury my skepticism about Reiki. He also helped me work out one of my core issues and I am on my way to healing it now.

    Now, after 21 days of self practise and also practise on others, I find Reiki an amazing healing tool.

    NOTE: For all skeptics reading this, if you need a Reiki workshop that will definitely unshackle your beliefs, you must be doing it with Vishal.

  45. When I met Vishal,I was very depressed and felt helpless.He helped out by introducing me to myself.He healed the small girl inside me,used visualization to empower me.Now I feel more positive and confident.I am now ready to live life to fullest even while facing difficult people an situations.Being a woman, I now understand that a woman is not product but a living,aspiring, growing intellectual and should live freely and happily with herself.

  46. Reiki opened the gates towards my spiritual evolution. With Reiki I am able to work on myself and my issues today. It has empowered me.

    Vishal, thank you so much. I could not understand why you recommended reiki to me. But your intuition was correct and I am on my path today.

    After the 21 day practise, I realized the true power of Reiki.

  47. What a simple tool for blessing : the Reiki
    Thank you Vishal for making it so simple to learn and apply inpersonalization.
    I am glad that you came all the way to our islands and i got a chance to experience and implement this blessing. Its been just a week now, but i feel am already developing a passion for this way of life..
    its been a wonderfull new wave of change to live with...
    Looking forward to see you again in Andamans
    Mrs. Geetanjali Acharya
    Quarry Hill, Port Blair
    Andaman and Nicobar Islands

    zindagi aaj jaisi hai, shayed kabhi tamanna rahi hogi
    jis wajah se yeh hua hai, is ki wajah ko shukariya..
    THANK you Vishal from bringing Reiki to me. life is been beautiful in a very new frame now. things are happening with love and joy. Lot of new people...i mean new energies have entered my life...Its so good to live with angels.
    gratitude to you, my god, my angels and last but not the least, mr.prasad for this new light called REIKI...i am in love with Reiki

    life is mast ....thanks a lot vishal

    Hussain A.P
    Bambooflat Post
    South Andaman
    A & N Islands

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  50. Hey vishal...when are you coming back !
    WOW things are happening now...
    bold and necessary decisions, lots of clarity in thoughts, new change in life, profession, ideas are few to name ...lot more is hapeening here with me...reiki has been a topping over a beautiful blessed life here in andamans...
    a great passion to live.... with all hope and strength that life offers. infact i am a kid now with all loving and lovable people arround helping me out in all situations..
    as if all are in contineous conversation.. ..they all..all guides, gods and angels

    I SEE LIFE flowing through me
    i am life having an experience
    love and hugs

    Prasad Babu .M
    Andaman Islands

  51. My journey as a Reiki healer began with Vishal Srivastav and i must say it was one the best events that has happened in my life. With reiki not only did i start changing my own life but also got rid of many problems haunting me from the past. I began to see a much clearer and simpler life and problems started sorting out. Its amazing how Reiki fills one up with immense positivity.
    As a student, I always believed that the real meaning of a subject is imparted to it by its teacher. Vishal Srivastav is one of those teachers who make you live the subject. He not only introduced me to this wonderful tool, Reiki, to improve my life, but also provided direction to my life. Today as a healer i help people in need which gives me immense satisfaction and happiness and all this came into picture because of Reiki and Vishal.
    I am grateful to Vishal that he had introduced me to the wonderful world of Reiki and set me on the beautiful journey of making a difference to mine and others lives.

  52. Vishal helped me realise the pattern of events/experiences in my life. Past Life Regression was a mindblowing experience, a journey that led to the realisation that the same pattern was being repeated life after life leaving me drained. I now know what changes are required in my thought process and am working towards it. It would suffice to say that I feel new and am forging ahead confidently

  53. Learning Reiki from Vishal was a great experience. I’ve learnt Reiki (1st Level) previously in 2004 and practiced it for an year and then left it as time went, maybe I was not convinced as I didn’t had much knowledge about it.I was not able to clarify my doubts and questions as it was conducted for a huge group in a big hall!

    Then comes the proper learning experience, I’ve learnt 1st & 2nd Level from Vishal, he explained everything in detail. His attunement is so powerful, I felt as though all the Masters, Angels and Gods are standing around me and giving attunement to me along with him! During the attunement I had amazing experiences.The way he analyses and explains the visions we get during the attunement is outstanding, he always have answers for all the questions.

    He makes the other person feel very comfortable. Even though I met him personally for the first time, it was as though I know him since long. Wonderful things happened in my life after I learnt Reiki from him, the way he encourages to have belief in self and what we see is simply great. Reiki made a huge difference in my life and now I am able to get answers for all the impossible questions that get in my mind! Thanks a lot Vishal, u made a difference!


  54. Hai Vishal Ji

    I am not a good writer to express much, my experience with Vishal Ji made me understand that,
    We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.
    Vishal Ji THANK YOU word is just not enough 2 thank u.
    Thanks for being a torchberer and guiding me soooo well. Thank you my Angels 4 always being around me.


  55. Weary, stressed out and utterly confused I reached Vishal's place one day, thinking to myself - "You got to be really insane... you have absolutely no clue about the person... never heard of him... his is the first name that pops up in google search for shrinks and you straight come up to meet him. Do you even know why you've come to see him? If this isn't insanity, what is?"
    My 'rational' mind demanded to know.

    Immediately, almost without thinking I replied to my 'rational' side" Hey! thats exactly why I'm here to see him... you called me insane!"
    I smiled to myself at the answer, rang the bell and waited. My 'rational ' side still screamed on, "Run before he opens the door! You still have time and don't really need a therapist's help. You'll be just fine...It's a passing phase... "

    My smile half vanished, I panicked and lifted up my leg undecided as to whether I should take to my heels before the door opens...
    The door opened, a bright cheery smile greeted me, and I took off my heels...
    (the Indian custom being to take off the shoes outside before you enter someone's residence)

    As I entered the house I immediately sensed very powerful positive vibes surrounding me...
    And that was just the beginning...

    I look back and laugh now when I think of the issues that brought me to Vishal... at that time though they definitely appeared overpowering.
    Infact, now when I look back I feel they were necessary for my spiritual growth. All it took was a few sessions with Vishal resulting in a huge perspective change - and with the change in perspective my world began to change with tremendous speed...
    Slowly and steadily Vishal dealt with each and every mental and emotional block going right to the root cause of every problem.

    As I underwent the therapies (hypnotherapy, EET, Reiki) with him it was like someone had opened the floodgates of awareness within me and I was waking up from a deep slumber...
    Layers and layers of old thought patterns and mental conditioning that I had created over the years fell away like the remains of some decayed ruins...
    With this awareness came the deeper awareness that the old patterns are not working anymore - that the real me is gradually emerging. A stronger, happier and confident me and I experienced an exhilarating sense of freedom.

    Vishal is not just any other healer out there. I learned this the very first day itself when he made it clear that his sessions are not time bound or money bound. His sessions are 'result bound'. His patient (pun intended) sessions for a person in a day lasts till he is sure that he has broken into and cracked atleast one layer of a person's negative mindset.
    His is a sincere desire to make the other person free from self -confining beliefs, fears and dependancy...
    What is highly amazing is his uncanny intuitive ability to diagnose the root cause of a particular behaviour or thought pattern in a person and his amazing remedies... He is truly gifted...

    For any of you out there it would be a very good idea to meet Vishal. Apart from learning a lot, it is the amazing changes that immediately take place in life which will stun you. At times it feels like doors open where you would not have thought there were any.

    As for me, thank God I did not take to my heels that first day ...
    For, now I find, I am head over heels in love with a person!
    The one who stares back at me from the mirror, everytime I look into it...

    Thank you Vishal. God bless you ... :)

  56. Meeting Vishal was a life-changing experience for me. I am very humbled and I thank stars for bringing such wonderful soul in my life. The genuity and the purity with which he has approached me by itself had a profound healing effect on me. Meetings with him were not time-bound and cost-bound - a space completely untouched by the commercial and contamination of the present material world at large. He is gifted with a unique ability to dissect the mind and integrate it with the soul's purpose. I received the healing space that I needed to let go of some of mental patterns which caused a lot of damage to me and refill me with healthy thought patterns. He acted as a great facilitator and I found myself facing different challenging situations one after another with greater clarity and ease. I am no more the same person as I was before meeting him. I feel immense empowerment now to handle any life situation. Thanks, Vishal.

  57. Vishal is quite unlike other healers, he is a modern and progressive healer. I am surprised to see that healing does not involve conservative and traditional techniques. It was great to go through the sessions with him, he does not give unnecessary gyan and keeps it fun and simple. He was able to diagnose the root cause of my problem and taught me to love myself--- Mein Apni Favourite Hoon :) (From Jab we met, can u believe he made me watch that movie!!!!). The two days of learning Reiki from him was awesome, he is good at quoting examples and does not make it very theoretical and boring. After going through the sessions with him and learning Reiki, i m more at peace with myself. Loads of gratitude, Vishal.

  58. As many have shared before me here, I too had my doubts about Reiki initially. I was not an avid practitioner; however certain events in my life did make me turn to Reiki again.
    I fell sick very badly and started getting migraine and panic attacks. As all these were psychosomatic in nature, Vishal counseled me and encouraged me to try Reiki. And it worked!
    It’s been more than 7 months now and I didn’t have a single attack of migraine since then. Also the level 3A Reiki that I learnt from Reiki brought about immense changes in me. The fear and insecurity that had always been a part and parcel of my life started receding. I feel more at peace and safe now – not being anxious about future anymore. It’s not that I know the purpose of my life yet but I trust that I am being lead to it – one day at a time.
    Also I have started giving Reiki to my mother and though I haven’t met her for some time now, she sounds much better over the phone. I am sure that through Reiki, I will be able to help her and others better.
    Thank you Vishal for everything 

  59. When I met Vishal for the first time, his innocent and friendly smile, made me wonder if he could really be matured enough to understand the predicament which had forced me to reach him out…

    There was an inner knowing, that kept telling me that no matter what, GOD helps uplifting the downtrodden, mothers the child, protects the feared, answers the prayers… this little yet powerful light kept me going…

    My search to find help to get myself out of ruts had begun roughly 12-15 years back, and every effort spared and every help I had got had helped me get on a path to transformation...

    The difficulties that I had undergone had created deep rooted and wide spread fears which never sounded simple yet Vishal understood what I underwent, simplified and connected me to myself... His sincerity kept me grounded while his gentle and humorous ways lead me inward, he knew nothing lied outside! He showed how I was operating from fears.

    My fears had kept me away from asking any good thing from God, and whenever I wanted something, I begged and pleaded him as I felt I deserved nothing good in life. After I had my interaction with Vishal, he gently asked me to recognize my resistances that were serving no good in my life…

    For someone who’s hurt badly, I have some words to share… Vishal has a hand that helps, a heart that cares, and an intent that leads you in the dark or unknown… He simplifies the entire process of healing. I have chosen to share this because, after my 2nd session with him, addressing my worries he said me to keep aside my logical mind for sometime by keeping clear of his intent… I was not left with a choice, I worked the way he told, and now, I am saying and telling things to God like “I wish…”, “I wish…”… no begging or no pleading is seen around the corner… all I am knowing now is I DESERVE.

    I have felt the transformation, I have felt the DESERVING in me, I have felt the love for myself, and I have more to go… all I know now is one day I would stand up for my self and say to God “I wish I see God, the way I see people, the way I see sunshine, the way I see trees and birds and all that’s around”

    I am thankful to him. I feel short of words to express my gratitude to Vishal; all I know is that he is BLESSED.


  60. Wow! Anthakarna is simply awesome.........

    each time I visited the blog for one thing or the other, I had wondered why this Image was in the blog and why it was captioned Anthakarna...
    I had even thought of asking Vishal about this and had forgotten about it too.... I guess finally God himself(who else can help absent minded professors?) made it a point to bless me with the understanding... Perhaps there is no other better way to understand what Anthakarna is...

    Folks.. just move the mouse pointer on the image on any point and keep it still without moving... just see what happens... next go on clicking here and there on the image and see what all happens......... you'll feel wonderful. what you see touches your heart... Life is all about Anthakarna, and we take time to understand it.. the way I have taken so long...

    Vishal's understanding of life and the way he puts across things is simply fabulous:)

  61. When I first met Vishal, I doubted whether he can really solve my problem!!! And in one session I got all my doubts clarified. He changed my view towards life and myself. You can go to a peaceful state with EET. Vishal helped me to discover the "REAL ME". Now I am a happy person. :) :)
    Thanks to Vishal........


  62. S V Hegde(Subbu)March 2, 2012 at 2:31 AM

    Thanks you so much Vishal for showing myself to me!! Thats the greatest discovery I can ever achieve in my life. I had been to many places for searching peace, happiness, spirituality...whatever I would look for. Everywhere I got one or other answer, some definite solution, but nothing stayed for long. It was always a mystery for me why these things will not retain for long.
    After meeting Vishal I realized rather he made me realize that I need to look into myself and approve myself. It worked wounder, few long term problems disappeared without any logic!
    I look within me and listen to myself for anything rather searching outside. Yes we might need guidance often from outside but solutions can not come from outside, its within us.
    We need to understand and learn to listen to our self....most of us haven't done it so far or we don't know how to do it....
    I learnt it from Vishal.
    Thank you Vishal again. Love you so much.

  63. Trapped in a glass box, that seemed locked, barely able to move, watching the outside world,knowing it has everything i want, but not knowing how to get there, out in the open, how do i unlock this box and release myself? This was the metaphorical representation of what was running through my mind when i first approached Vishal.

    On day one ,Vishal guided me to explore the world outside the 'glass box' with just my eyes and with every session ,intensified my craving to not just 'see' but 'live' in that beautiful , free world outside and make it 'my home'. But how do i get out there from the box? The question remained, until i heard this soft but firm voice inside me, 'just push the door, just a touch will do, maybe the door is just closed but not locked'. I followed the voice within and there i was, out and free, with just a touch !!!

    All i had to do was to believe I could do it as I too have the right to live in a free world and Vishal was the best guide to take me through this transition of 'spaces' :)

    I'm ever grateful to you Vishal for being this amazing positive guiding force in my life .

    Thank you

  64. Looking life out of the framework drew by the society is reiki, And reiki with vishal means amazing. I was always eager to explore the spiritual world but couldnt find a right person until i found vishal, the way he consuls his voice are the best medicine for whatever problems you have. Learning reiki is a whole new experience for me....................I just cant believe a person like me can do wonders with this great energy. Reiki warded off fear and dependency in my life and brought a lot of love into myself

    I started to love myself soo much that i cant even express..... all thanks to vishal............. I feel the presence of god within me with the help of reiki

    Thank you Very much vishal you changed the whole way of looking into life


  65. It's not too late... the angel said.
    Even though the world's a mess...
    Even though you're not as young...
    Even though you've made mistakes and have been afraid
    It's not too late...
    And then I saw the world through the angels' eyes...
    I saw the colors I could paint
    The bridges I could build
    The lives that I could touch
    The dreams that could still come true
    And it became very clear to me...
    That it's not too late.

    Thanks a ton Vishal!!! What transpired during the course of the therapy was magical....Got to

  66. After running from pillar to post for 9 years, met Vishal. Finally someone who does proper root cause analysis and structured problem solving. Found him non judgmental, empathetic, all ears. His follow through is excellent. I personally think that engaging with Vishal over a period of time is a good investment in oneself in the personal betterment sphere. I found Vishal engaging at all planes ­ symptomatic, physical, emotional, spiritual and scientific. If not anything, he makes for some excellent conversation material ­ which is so rare these days. He would make a good Life coach, I guess. The only flip side I see is that his doggy is not footwear freindly. Cheers! Santosh.

  67. So in one session, which is also my first session with Vishal, I was blow away by the simplicity with which he helped me understand and move in the direction of solving problems. The difference I felt in just one day is unimaginable. Knowledge is the key to thwarting fear and ignorance, so Vishal your special because you are spreading knowledge. I am so grateful and happy that I have met you. God Bless.


  68. I went to Vishal after a lot of debate within myself. I was going through a lot of Pain and there was this fiery temper which was making everyone‘s Life around me miserable. I think it was probably divine hands which led me to him for healing. After 2 sessions with him it was a good feeling, after the fourth it was wonderful!!!! There is a TV show called Dance India Dance (LIL Masters) on Zee TV. A master called Geethama on this reality show expresses her Happiness for good performance as STUPENDO FANTABULOUSLY FANTASTIC performance!!!!!!!! I would say the same, about Vishal. He is a natural healer, simple, absolutely non­judgemental and sensitive. I hope many more people be healed by him. I want to thank God for taking me to him. Warm regards, Kusuma

  69. I must first thank Swami (Sai Baba) and my sister who guided me to take sessions with Mr. Vishal. He helped me to analyze the root-cause for all my problems. After analyzing the root-cause, he thought me EET and forgiveness exercises and also gifted me my inner child. These exercises have done wonders in my life. Today when I look at myself, I am more confident, happy, content, joyful and enjoying every moment in my life. Thank you so much Mr. Vishal. All the Best Wishes to you Mr. Vishal.

  70. Learning Reiki from Vishal has literally been a game changer for me as far as my approach to life is concerned. Although I had heard and read about Reiki, I did not even for a moment think that it would have such a profound effect on my thoughts. It has opened up new vistas in my psyche hitherto only vaguely known to me. I now use Reiki often to send soothing and healing energy to people who are in need. I am also learning to leave the rest to the Universe. To me, Reiki is a Great Teacher.

    I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Vishal who initiated me into Reiki and also counselled me when I needed it most. He was able to quickly home in on the precise cause of the problems I was experiencing and taught me EET which I use even to this day. Thank you Vishal for everything! May the Universe shower its blessings on you always!


  71. I have to really thank Vishal for a lot of things.My husband's cervical problem dissappeared after a session of EET with Vishal.I got an Angel card reading done by him and his interpretations were very relevant and apt.The cherry on the cake was the past life regression session with him.He is very calm and serene and puts the client totally at ease which is essential for a succesful regression.I couldn't believe what i saw and later crosschecked the facts on the internet which proved what i saw was true and not a figment of my imagination.That experience made me a stronger person.Great job Vishal. We need more light workers like you.God Bless!!

  72. Dear Friends,

    I take this opportunity to THANK Vishal for life changing experience .

    First time I met Vishal in 2012, I was going through a difficult time of my life. Being a true Cancerian i was not sure if i should open up with a total stranger, but I felt so much at ease that I could narrate my whole life story.

    I appreciate his patience and time taken to listen out to all my problems. His guidance helped me to get a wonderful job (just few miles away from my home) where in I am learning and earning good enough to lead a happy life with my family.

    My heartfelt gratitude towards Vishal. May Universe / God and Archangels bless him with a healthy , wealthy and happy life with his loved ones. Keep up the wonderful work and stay blessed. Lots of love. Anand Thakkar

  73. I paid a visit to Vishal recently with my mother who had been battling depression for many years. I always wondered why she had been depressed despite having everything working fine for her. In that first meeting, Vishal spoke a lot of profound things in such simple terms that we were blown away by what we heard. My mother diligently started following everything he suggested and within the matter of a week, she had forgotten everything about depression. She in fact tells me that she believes that such a phase never existed in her life. I have to thank Vishal a million times and wish that all the best things happen to him ever for just that session. I may run out of space if I start mentioning how a PLR session with him has helped me. Thank you Vishal. Thanks for everything. May the best things always happen to you!

  74. At first , we all seem to be under the illusion that ceratin shackels which we are either tied to or we bind ourselves to is actually our doing. On meeting Vishal , the insight which I gained to understood what certain values I hold are the main shackels which are binding me and not letting me reach new heights.
    The picture becomes clearer , the muddles and ripples seem to settle down when Vishal actually deciphers out a lot on behavioural patterns. The clarity you get once you actually understand brings about an immense peace .
    I found the clarity, peace, and a voice from these sessions and the Reiki workshop is absolutely wonderful to understand the universe and its immense energies assosciated with veryone of us.

    Thanks Vishal . forever Grateful for all the knowledge which I gained .

  75. "Take a break", "let it go" were just phrases to me all these years. I had said this and heard them a countless number of times all my adult life. Little did I know that there is so much these phrases mean.

    I have read quite a few self-help books. I did understand them as well. Yet, there was this void, those thoughts that no book could answer. Putting the teachings into perspective and implementing them was a challenge.

    It is Vishal who made me realize the true meaning of these phrases and the meaning of a whole lot of things. There were things that were right in front of me and yet were invisible. Words cannot express the feeling I get when the smoke screen suddenly cleared and I got to see something that was always present yet not visible to my eyes. The realization has been exhilarating, to say the least.

    Thank you Vishal, for the wonderful, eye (of the mind) opening sessions. If not for you and your sessions, I would have been perhaps lost in the labyrinth that life had become

  76. For all these years of my life I had a strong feeling that, 'I am leading my life'. Little did I know that I was actually not.

    In my first session with Vishal, he helped me realise that I was actually dedicating my life to everyone other than myself. I had no clue that this thought process was the root cause for multiple roadblocks in my personal and professional life.

    Vishal uncovered my hidden fears and helped me discover my true self. After this fantastic session, I got the opportunity to have another session wherein I was introduced to Emotional Empowerment Technique (EET). It was a great experience to release the burden, which I had been carrying for years, in just few hours.

    Thank you Vishal, you are truly great! May God shower his choicest blessings on you and your loved ones in all walks of life.


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