Friday, December 4, 2009

Beyond Time..

Often people ask me if past lives exist. Well yes I agree , because i have personally experienced them and I did benefit by healing the trauma for myself and many of my clients.

Here i would like to add one more perspective... may be we choose not to believe that past life exist but then any story or incident that flashing in the mind of the person in repeated dreams or during hypnosis sessions needs due consideration. These are the channels our sub concious communicates to us the issues which are of high importance and need healing and attention.

I had the oppurtunity to handle some cases which got solved after we did past life regression therapy.
Here are a few of them.
In one of the past life therapy sessions the client was able to heal the chronic backache by visiting and healing a past life of a doctor in Africa who died in an air crash, the impact was on the spinal cord. In yet another case the conflict between a mother and daughter was sorted after visiting a past life were they discovered the real cause of the conflict.Their roles had reversed in the present life. In yet another case the client was able to unearth the reason of his constant loss of fortune because he had misused money and was involved in land grabbing somewhere in Gujarat in pre independence era.

The above examples clearly state that our mind does hold the keys to all our problems. Even if we consider these stories as metaphors (though I have verified some of them personally) that the mind is providing, still they do carry the solution. Instead of negating past life as a concept, we must work upon the symbols that the mind is trying to communicate to us and heal our lives.


  1. Iam Dr. Rajesh from hyderabad..I met vishal for my personal issues and i was surprised by his way of dealing of things...Though i entered his place with certain amount of doubt,everything worked out very well and within the first 15 minutes of the start of the session i felt very comfortable and all my doubts started to vanish....the 3 days were like a wonderful retreat to mind,body and soul...Vishal was really amazing ..He was very confident and immediately striked a note with me and i felt wonderful throughout the sessions...He understands you so well and he is very spontaneous also...He is definitely different in his approach and executing his simple yet powerful solutions..

    Immediately after the workshop i started to apply the techniques and slowly i started to see the results...the results were so good that i was very much surprised by the internal and external changes happening in my life...This is really amazing and i surely started to feel the miracles in my life...Its too good and very healing also...Thanks a lot Vishal...U are a gem of a person and an amazing healer.

  2. Hi,am shylaja from hyderabad...i came to know vishal through one of my friend and i had my own assumptions till i met and spoke to him,but once i met him,i felt very friendly and comfortable to discuss about all my personal issues.

    I underwent 3 days sessions from vishal,i went to him with lots of pain and problems with out solutions,but in a very short span of time vishal could understand my situation and provide solutions for all my problems.he had a answer for every question and he gave me confidence to handle my problems.By end of my first session,i could understand what my problem was? how to handle it? my thoughts and my way next was very clear to me.

    on my second session,he started healing me from inside and gave me small techniques to solve all my issues.By then i felt relaxed and had a very good clarity about every thing happening around me.I started applying the solutions in my life and slowly observing the changes in me and my family too.

    I am very thank ful to vishal,for all the help and i really appreciate his healing methods.Great work vishal:)


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