Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hypnosis & Past Life Regression

What we are thinking and believing today, is constantly deciding our future:
Thought, Emotion, Energy and Physical Body ,these 4 components in various phases of life have formed our Belief -System based on all the experiences in life so far....and this belief creates patterns confirming the same experience.Most of us often are victims to these patterns and we keep attracting similar experiences in our lives over and over again.
This also goes to say that we can change the patterns we experience by altering our thoughts and by re-programming or discarding our previously set belief system and patterns .
Through Hypnosis,we can eradicate negative-belief system by finding the root cause of action-reaction and alter it as we want it to be for us.
This root cause or belief could exist in the modern memory (current lifetime) of our subconcious mind or in the primitive memory (former lives) through age regression or past life regression respectively.


  1. I was initially very sceptical about the whole process. It was really a very enlighting experience which helps one exorcise ghosts of one's past and instils a new confidence for one's tomorrow making one's today a lot better. Thanks Vishal. Hope more people can benefit from your therapy.


  2. "we keep attracting similar experiences into our lives over and over again." so true. it's like a reinforcement or self-fulfilling prophecy and then we say to ourselves, 'I told you, it would happen and it has.' The truth is we were inviting the experience by expecting it in the first place...

    My comment on your page has been due for sometime - from when I visited you and got rid of the 'being', 'spirit' 'energy' whatever name you may give it - that was bothering me particularly when I was doing my meditation.

    Well, I waited a bit before I could give you my message about my past-life regression experience as I was observing ALL the changes that have come about after it.

    Let me tell you, I feel like I have re-discovered myself - I am again coming into being the calm person I used to be - not perturbed or unduly worried about ill effects of the daily experiences I have, leave alone the hazards of the calamitous professional situation I am facing. Being an employee of an organization called Satyam - I now possibly face the prospect of losing my job - and having to scramble for another prospect. Yet, I am being able to calmly consider the situation without panic.

    I attribute this to the PLT session I have had - as since then I have been re discovering the person I used to be.
    Thanks, Vishal. I believe I will meet you again to discard any remnants to get rid of the skin problem that has reduced by 70%.

  3. Hi, I am Ravi from Hyderabad... I came to know Vishal through my Reiki master. I used to have a lot of negative thinking and frustration even after I did Reiki. I didn't know what was wrong with me as there was no control on my thoughts eventhough I had a lot of things going for me. Vishal, through his diagnosis made me realize that I was holding to lot of guilt for what I did as a child. Through his beautiful techniques he got rid of my guilt and now I feel very light and happy. Even when I get a negative thought, I just acknowledge it and drop it off. Life is so simple and beautiful now.
    I am also enjoying his affirmation techniques and looking forward to fulfilling my dreams.

    Thanks Vishal. You have been a great help.

  4. I was in depression and panic for past 10 long years and I’ve been trying to get out of this condition since the time and failing every attempt, finally I got the contact of Vishal through Google search. I was little hesitant to go on the first day as I thought it will be like a psychiatric clinic. To my surprise it was his resident cum counseling centre with peace prevailing from all the directions.

    Vishal's counseling is unique; it straightly effects into one’s mind and touches the heart. Vishal has a very simple, but much more effective process called affirmations to replace our negativity. After the hypnosis session I had with Vishal, I am so much at peace with myself. It has been a great awakening within me and has become so much more positive no matter how bad is the situation.

    Thanks a lot Vishal for everything and wish more and more people get benefited with you.



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