Thursday, February 5, 2009

The light within

Take a look at the following questions:
What is making us run the Race?
Who are we competing with?
Who is appraising/rewarding us?
Who is answerable to me?
Who am I answerable to?
How do I make sure that I am being loved honestly?

Most of us don't have time to think about these questions, or some of us might find these questions too general to be answered. Still some others might come up with pages of answers to each of the questions. And some of us... we are just dumbstruck ,because we have never thought of it before.Lets take a moment and look at this picture from a broader prospective. As human beings, who are capable of creative thinking and free will unlike other beings on earth we have the freedom to create or to come out of all the above problems. Sounds strange but yes.. no one else sitting on earth or above is deciding our fate, its we ,who are responsible for the bliss or curse that we face, all that God (or whatever name we give to the universal energy) or nature does is to balance every energy equation in very fine way...if you look around in to the plant or the animal world, you will find that everything is in perfect harmony, the production of prey is always more than the predator and many more examples.
So what does this say about us?
The happiness would come naturally if we realise that we are responsible. Instead of becoming a part of the blame game, instead of looking for our happiness through others...lets introspect.Look inside for the divine being, every human is. Even the most fierce and violent human, has the light within him,he is still divine,though this divinity is covered in layers of worldly dirt.
Once we are aware of the light within us, we can also see it glowing bright in all others too.
We realise that, we all are a team, we all are an integral and inseparable part of this universe, which is always in perfect harmony...
There is no race, no insecurity,no enemies and no fears.
We are not answerable to anyone but ourselves.
No one is superior to the other so there is no body capable of judging us.

We continue to remain in beautiful musical harmony with ourselves and with others.And the journey starts from today so lets start introspecting and search for the divinity inside.


  1. You have captured an eternal truth. After reading your article I was reminded of a message given by Sri Aurobindo.
    " The Divine gives itself to those who give themselves without reserve and in all their parts to the Divine. For them the calm, the light, the power, the bliss, the freedom, the wideness, the heights of knowledge, the seas of Ananda."
    And to realise the Divine within us I feel, as Sri Aurobindo says, a complete self-giving to the Divine is the easiest way.

  2. Every discussion with Vishal has helped me clear some of my confusions and wrong beliefs. He has sincerely tried to help me find the right path for my spiritual growth. I am amazed by his clarity of thoughts.

  3. I called Vishal one fine day on my vacation to Hyderabad only to realise that he was about to go on a holiday very soon and that it was'nt possible to do any regression sessions !! I was bit disappointed !!. During the call I enquired if he could do some counselling on parenting ...and Vishal agreed for a 1 hr session. It was an interesting session and a big eye opener for me...I was completly relaxed after the session and now, I find it easy to give good upbringing to my little one without big friends, I would suggest that if you have any queries ,questions on parenting, Reach out to Vishal....And hey Vishal....hope u remember me !!....and hope u wud have time for regression session when i meet u next time round !!Prabhakar


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