Saturday, February 7, 2009

Who has the real control?

Feelings, whether good or bad, nearly decide how we react to a particular situation. Whether we blow a small situation out of proportion or we ignore a major setback.It all depends upon what we FEEL at a given time.

Its good to be a sensible human being and enjoy the feelings or deal with them.The problem starts when we hand over the control of our feelings to the outer world.For example an employee works not for himself but for promotion or other such acknowledgement from others or from the company.Things are OK even at this level but the employee really gets upset or depressed when he fails to get the acceptance or acknowledgement.This is where he goes wrong,he has given the control of his feelings to someone else.

This equation is so true for any given situation, we keep giving others the power to make us upset,make us angry,smaller or not worthy enough.The solution lies with the babies.Have you ever observed a new-born baby,the baby is extremely confident of his entire existence, proud of all his body parts, his emotions, he does not think twice before displaying his displeasure or happiness in the most raw form, as suggested by our civilized world.In other words, the baby thinks that he is perfect.Now think, we were all born like that "Perfect" and so is everything else in the nature, so were did we get our negative belief systems, rarely people think that they are perfect,that they are beautiful, even if some of us think, we are always comparing ourselves against benchmark set by others or by the society we live in.So here is the answer, we get our belief systems from the people and society we live in. Nature never made any benchmarks, according to her.. all her creations are beautiful and perfect.

Next time when you are faced with a situation which is not as per your expectations, think again, think that you are always perfect and beautiful part of what even if some other people don't acknowledge it.. take back your control from them. Judge yourself on your own benchmarks.Even if others do not recognise your work, approve it yourself with all your love, because its your work, it has your signature, your efforts.. and it has to be nice, perfect and beautiful like everything else in the nature.

There is great power in the simple confidence of a child - The Mother

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