Monday, February 9, 2009


Why should we give space to our loved ones!

Love is a beautiful word, just by its mention,we start feeling better and we start associating with many people and situations we have deep connection with.When we say I Love You to someone,we surrender to the person in some way or the other.It remains beautiful till here, the problem starts when we expect the same surrender from the other person,now we start EXPECTING.

What is wrong with expectation?
Now we have given the power to the other person ,so he decides how we should feel.We become dependant and finally possessiveness, ego,sacrifice lot of other evils pop up, and the worst thing is that this is happening on both sides, in nearly equal proportions, so one day comes when we have only conflicts and no love left.

How much you love me has become synonymous with How much can you change for me.( Will you quit smoking after marriage?Will you stop working when we have this child?I have sacrificed all my happiness for you so you should marry the girl of my choice?)

We start compromising even while we feel terrible inside because we expect that our sacrifice would prompt the other person to change or deviate from his regular behaviour.And if we do not see the expected results, we get disappointed.sometimes people even go to the extent of.. "I have done this much for you, what have you done for me?"...well the person never asked you to do the sacrifice in the first place.. and even if he did, u always have the freedom to say No.
Expecting the other person to change or deviate from the normal behaviour is the root of all conflicts, starting from small fights to permanent separation.

So think again, why are you trying to change each other.We always have to remember one very important message, we as human beings do not have the right to override any one's free will, that goes to say, we cant change anyone not till the person volunteers for it. And when there is a real wish to change, smallest of things can change the person.
What is so difficult about accepting people as they are...lets give it a thought..imagine a beautiful relationship, where each one could be themselves,had rights to opinion,freedom to express, follow their heart, here in this relationship,immense love would flow.. there is no doubt .The reason is unconditional acceptance..unconditional love ...and nearly no expectation.
Again do not compare your relationship against any benchmark, nature did not make any.Just like you are unique.. your relationship and love for others is also unique.
Let us not go by the rules and regulations made by the society we live in because we are all different and there cannot be one rule which keeps all of us in consideration, make your own benchmarks and only for you.. not for the other person whom you love.

Love is to be free and set free ...

So fly high and enjoy this beautiful emotion in every relationship you share...

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  1. Hey Vishal brilliant blog .Just loved the way u articulate the concept of love and wht can love do to ppl


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