Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Good and the Bad

We human beings on earth plane always live in duality, that is good and the bad. All the things around and inside us are classified in or in between these two categories.

If we go deeper in to this perspective, the truth that surfaces is that,God or universal energy being all encompassing and all powerful (being good) cannot permit bad to happen, then how does it happen?

According to metaphysical world the duality does not exist. We create good and bad here and often get consumed by it.We are very quick in judging others if they are doing bad (Creating anger,frustration,helplessness etc.).We are also carrying some memories of ourselves doing bad(creating guilt ,self-pity, anger on self etc.). In reality, good and bad both are just experiences or karmic results of some past events. Peace and happiness lies in experiencing life as it is and not judging and categorising others or ourselves. If you see injustice around  (on a large scale or small), don't start to live or feel it or even sympathise the victim. For that will only add to the immense negativity around.  Just trust the all powerful Universe/God/Nature for their beautiful balance. It will be taken care of. Always...

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  1. Just yesterday I was seeing a couple of documentaries on the survivors of Nazi Holocaust. It struck me that I was witnessing a massive event on karma discharge. I mean six million Jews being killed and six million more lives being lost in the World War 2 is not an everyday event. It seemed as if there was a universal consciousness that got impatient with the mounting reserves of karma and decided to stage one massive energy discharge event! Of course, there is no denying that new acts of free will during the Holocaust could have opened new registers of energy account-keeping but it does strike one more like a major discharge event. Perhaps, given the disturbing nature of humans, it is imperative that at every interval there must occur events of massive destruction to get rid of mounting energies (by the way of karmas). By the way, is karma energy?


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